07 Dec 2022

Six reasons why The Great Christmas Carnival is the perfect date spot!

Six reasons why The Great Christmas Carnival is the perfect date spot!

1. We’re just SO easy to get to.

There’s nothing worse than faffing about with sharing locations when you’re trying to locate a hinge date in some random pub in Newbury. The Great Christmas Carnival is so convenient it HURTS. Newbury Racecourse is right next to its own dedicated train station, with GWR connecting people from miles around so don’t be restricted by a postcode because love has no limits.


2. Worried about footing an enormous bill? Our street food vans and bars have got you covered with tasty morsels at tasty prices.

The infamously dreaded moment of any first date…the bill. Not to fear, the casual food vans and sweet treats make going Dutch subtle and easy. However, if you decide to treat your lucky date, the Carnival’s Christmas food stalls won’t be breaking your bank. What’s that I hear you ask? They’re a surprise Vegan?! Didn’t mention that in their profile! Chillout, The Great Christmas Carnival has thought of these things, there are options for everyone.


3. Conversation running dry? See a show!

Is your moment of awkward silence dragging on for a little too long? Yes - circus needed NOW. Head straight to the box office on site and book a ticket for our hair-raising, side-splitting circus show in the Big Top. What’s more, the after-show discussion will make awkward silences history - you can’t be lost for conversation after seeing someone speed around a hamster’s ball on a motorbike! You’re welcome.


4. The relaxed atmosphere will easily settle your nerves.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be nervous before a first date. But fear not, we have curated the perfect cuffing season atmosphere at the Carnival. There’s just the right amount of hustle and bustle versus sit back and cuddle up with a glass of mulled wine. With lots of people around there’s not too much pressure, but the festive bars offer a more intimate setting. Essentially, whether this is the one or you’re heading straight in the direction of the friend zone, there’s something for every scenario.


5. Icebreakers left, right and centre.

Quite literally. Head to the ice rink where it is strictly necessary to participate in some hand holding and you can share a little giggle together about all the plastic penguins gliding past you…


6. Once the sun sets, the romance intensifies.

Why are we so insistent that The Great Christmas Carnival is THE most perfect first date destination? Because it is. And here’s why: you arrive in to a fun, festive and vibey countryside destination with street food vendors, bars a plenty and surrounded by people having a merry old time. BUT, once the sun sets, the fairy lights come on amongst the Christmas trees, the energetic kids go home and the Carnival becomes an intimate setting for two. Versatility is key here – and we’re happy to provide.

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