07 Dec 2022

Meet our spectacular Circus troupe!

Meet our spectacular Circus troupe!

Our ringmaster Rufus Allan is the one who keeps our circus ticking over! Decked out in his traditional finery, our Master of Ceremonies seamlessly pulls all of our wonderful acts together.

The lofty heights of the Big Top are home to none other than our aerialist, Talia Hawker. Talia is our sensational swinging trapeze artist who will have you on the edge of your seats.

Dashing Tristan Chambers is our static trapeze artist. He will win you over with his perfectly coiffed handlebar tash and expertly executed twists.

The slack line is a Circus classic and our energetic Anjo can navigate it like no other. Springing and somersaulting into the air, there are no heights that this man cannot achieve.

Have you ever seen someone spin FOUR hula hoops at the same time? Didn’t think so. But our Maddox Cottle Dock is a hula hooping legend and you don’t want to miss her.

Our Clarita has mastered the holy trinity of circus acts - rope, poi AND stilts. Watch her deftly navigate the Big Top and let your jaw drop.

Josh Balthazar is a very bendy man. One of our infinitely talented contortionists, prepare to be amazed as Josh wraps limb around, through and over limb.

The other half of our contortion duo is Ana Encinas. You will think your eyes have deceived you as Josh and Ana gracefully balance their bodies in ways you would have never believed possible! Our Ana is a lady of many talents and has also mastered hair hanging! Watch as she glides through the air, held only by her hair in this gravity-defying act.

Last but not least, our Evil Knievils… Jamie, Reinaldo and Ademir. These men are the ultimate dare devils and you will be utterly captivated as they speed around the globe of death on a motorbike. WARNING: this act not one for the fainthearted.

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